Ulva Island Trust, New Zealand

Ulva Island Update PDFUlva Island is an open sanctuary of international biodiversity importance. It hosts such rare plants in the wild as Gunnera hamiltonii, Euphorbia glauca, and native birds such as Brown Creeper (Pipipi, Mohoua ochrocephala), Rifleman (Titi pounamu, Acanthisitta chloris chlori), Stewart Island Brown… Continue reading


Yellow-Eyed Penguin Trust Fund

Yellow-eyed Penguin MCA 5-year project, 2003 – 2008, was initiated in response to an observed decline in the number of breeding pairs of yellow-eyed penguins. Surveys in the early 1990’s estimated there to be ~600 breeding… Continue reading


Dancing Star Ecological Preserve, New Zealand

In New Zealand, Dancing Star Foundation owns and maintains an ecological preserve which the Foundation created on the southern most island of Rakiura, or Stewart Island.

Comprising over 400 acres of hilly coastal land adjoining New Zealand’s most recently designated Rakiura National Park, the DSF Preserve can be divided into four distinct floral zones: Podocarp-broadleaf… Continue reading